Kyoko Hikawa was born on 15th February in Osaka, Japan.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From Faraway (Kanata Kara) by Kyoko Hikawa

From Far Away (Chinese: 来自远方, Japanese: Kanata Kara) is a fantasy shojo manga by Kyoko Hikawa. It was published from 1993 to 2003 and in 14 volumes.

In 2003, the manga won the 35th annual Sejun Award for best science fiction comic.

Their Story begins here:
Noriko, an ordinary high school girl, was with her classmates on her way back home after school, met a bomb explosion and was being sent to a strange world. Every kingdom in the world is searching for Noriko as they believe she is the Awakening who has the power to control the Sky Demon, the most destructive monster.

Izark, a lonesome warrior, was born with a mysterious power that makes people hate him and causes him to travel alone. He is the reincarnation of the greatest evil, the Sky Demon. He came to kill the Awakening in order to change his fate but to find out that the Awakening is Noriko; he saves her life when she was being attacked by a creature.

The story continues on how these two people of difference world, difference language, get together and fall in love. Will Noriko goes back to her own world? Can Izark change his fate of being a Sky Demon? How will their love continues when they are of difference world?

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annick_lambotte said...

I ve read this serie at and i love it. heroic fantasy, romantic feelings, beautiful sceneries and a very good story. there are 14 books. I ve not all understand because my mother language is french, not english, but I ve understood most of the story. i very recomand this.
Annick (Bruxelles, Belgiumà

kukukotor said...

Hello, do you have any news about Kyoko Hikawa after Japan earthquake recently?
Pelase sent me any information that you know about her...
I'm a big fans and grew up with this manga since I was 15 years old (now I am 25!), I lived in Indonesia and would like to meet her someday.
Nice posting that you have here, I get her date of born from your blog, even for a simple biodata I must struggle to get it. She's a mistery for me.
Thanks once again for the posting, it's really nice!!

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